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‘Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, lived and loved on the island of Cyprus. For hundreds of years worshippers from around the region came to this small island in the eastern Mediterranean to pay homage to her. Her legacy lives on and today thousands of couples arrive every year on these sunny, friendly shores to marry and enjoy the first blissful days of their lives together’ Cyprus Lovers Choice, Cyprus Tourism Organisation

Cyprus has become a preferred destination for weddings, honeymoons, blessings and the renewal of marriage vows. You have looked at the right place for assistance. Our company TECOMA SERVICES LIMITED, in co-operation with all related establishments can offer all options available to help you decide where and how you wish to celebrate your special occasion, wedding, honeymoon or other special event.

Why choosing us for organising your special occasion?

Having the local ‘know how’ gained from our long experiences and working with the best professional local companies happy to offer their products and services to you, ready to offer you any alternatives at any time during your reservation process, we are certain that we can help you organise and enjoy your event like no other.


What do you need to conduct a wedding in Cyprus?

Conducting a wedding in Cyprus is relatively easy and simple. The ceremony can be held in any official town hall or in any selected area around the island (e.g. hotel territory, beach, on a boat/yacht, etc.) with the local authorities’ approval.

We provide below all related information about conducting a Civil Wedding in Cyprus as the most common procedure. However, information may be also available for couples wishing to conduct their wedding in church or chapel.

A Civil Marriage ceremony takes place at the Municipal Town Hall of the area you are living, in an especially arranged room for the purpose. In order to complete an application for marriage, the couple has to obtain certificates of marital status as follows:

• Recent certificates of Marital Status from Government Authority–Evidence of freedom to marry
• (documents must be stamped and signed by legal authority of your country (i.e. registry office, court, solicitor)
• Divorce Certificate
• Death Certificate of spouse
• Birth certificates
• Valid Passports
All documents must be recent, original and legally translated into English
If either party to the intended marriage, not being a widower or a widow, is under eighteen years of age, the written consent of the father, or if he is dead or incapable of consenting, of the mother or, if both are dead or incapable of consenting, of the lawful guardian of such party, must be produced to the Marriage Officer on their application.

It should be pointed out that any person who wilfully makes or inserts any false statement in any declaration, certificate or other document required by Law to be made or issued is liable to imprisonment.

How much will it cost?

There are two procedures of Civil Marriage.
1. The special Procedure or Marriage by Special License
After 15 calendar days (not including the application date and the wedding day) and within 3 months
The fee for marriages celebrated by the Marriage Officer for Marriage by special licence is € 128.15

2. The Notice of Marriage or Marriage with Notice
From the day of the application and within 15 calendar days
The fee for marriages celebrated by the Marriage Officer for Marriage by notice is € 281.92

Certificate of marriage:
The couple is supplied with a certificate of marriage by the Marriage Officer, but if they want to secure one or more certified copies of the certificate they can apply to the Registration Service of the Ministry of Interior. The fee is € 13.67. for each certified copy.

The ceremony in all town halls is very simple and it takes 10-15 minutes. After the celebration of marriage, the couple, the witnesses and the marriage officer signs the original certificate of Marriage.

NOTE: After the wedding ceremony, your wedding documents must be validated by the local Ministry of Justice.  Our company take over this procedure and return the final valid documents to you on the same day, or one day after depending on the wedding time and working hours. 

Where can you get married?

Here are some of the Municipalities /Town Halls that we propose to conduct your wedding ceremony at, when at the same time you can conduct your weeding outside the hall, according to their municipal zone borders.

Paralimni Town Hall
Larnaca Town Hall
Aradippou Town Hall
Limassol Town Hall
Paphos Town hall

After you decide the right place for your special day, you may send us your request with the necessary documents and the proposed dates for your ceremony. From this point and until the completion of your stay in Cyprus, we handle every arrangement, detail and requirement for you. 

Celebrate your love for each other with an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Couples can choose from different wedding packages, including a variety of naturally beautiful romantic settings, attractive gardens, glamorous receptions and other wedding appropriates.


Your wedding can be organised just like you have imagined it to be. We are available to assist with all necessary and specially requested wedding arrangements. We recognize the importance of ensuring that your dream becomes a reality.

Our specialists can provide professional advice to both bride and groom. It is the bride however who glories that day and looks perfect. We offer all relevant services … from wedding dress … to wedding accessories. Personal driver will take you to the most famous shops to choose from a huge collection of wedding relevant. Also, hair stylists and beauty professionals can offer you a touch of their work, for a completed wedding.   

Whether you prefer a simple ceremony or a lavish gathering with family and friends, for this commitment to spend the rest of your lives together, you will receive our best personal attention. We guarantee that our services can accomplish all your needs.

Either you decide to have your ceremony at the municipality or at any other location we can provide the most suitable transportation means for you. Always decorated to suit your day! Select any of the vehicles from the list attached.

Flowers share important role in every wedding occasion. You may choose from a wide selection of flower bouquets and arrangement depending on the style of your wedding. We provide expertise personnel that can help you choose your flower arrangement as well as the whole preparation. Find out impressive creations that will mark your event.  

A photograph is what recalls the memory and remains colourful forever! Our professional photographer will provide an excellent record of your special occasion. You may also choose from a variety of albums and decoration frames, videos, short video clips with your stay in Cyprus.


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